Smart Gardens
Design and construction of gardens adapted to the climate and ensure the maintenance of existing ones. Water rates are climbing and will continue to increase along Mallorca island.  You want a system that is efficient and designed specifically for your site conditions and landscape.  This means separate zones on slopes and separate zones for front and backyard exposures.  Drip irrigation is necessary for all newly-planted shrubs and trees.  Head-to-head coverage is a must for turf areas, and spray irrigation is recommended for native areas to establish healthy strands of grass and provide supplemental water during periods of drought.
Efficient Irrigation
Permallorca knows how to design and install irrigation the right way. Your irrigation system is one of the most important features of your landscape.  Most irrigation components are underground and not accessible, so it’s important to have a reliable system installed by experienced professionals. Contact Us today to schedule a consultation regarding efficient irrigation for your property.

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