Son Castell


Son Castell is based in the wonderful and magical S’Arracó area, in the  West coast of Mallorca, an island of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is an old Mallorcan possession of 32 hectares built during the Islamic era, which has undergone numerous extensions and reconstructions to this day.

Seven years ago we considered the great challenge of giving life to the place.

Son castell is a community project with a clear vision:

Regenerate the ecosystem and recover the fertility of our soils.

We want to leave a rich soil, fertile and full of life for future generations. Taking advantage of symbiotic relationships between animals, plants and life on the ground.

We seek to increase the fertility and health of our soil as the basis of our productive system and as the natural capital of our farm.

A primary objective is to recover the presence and balance on the ground of the 3 M’s. Minerals, organic matter and microbiology.

And achieve 100% covered soil of plant material 100% of the time.

That is why we do not plow or till our floors. We do not till the earth, thus preserving our microbiology and soil structure. We only mow our fields, thus contributing organic matter.

We also crush all the pruning remains providing the woodchips and a good padding of organic matter (mulching).

Son Castell farm has various plantations of rainfed trees almond, carob, olive, fig, walnut trees …  old and new plantation fruit trees. Now we want to implement a Succesional agroforest system, multistratic and diverse agrosilvioculture.

We use animals as a soil regeneration tool. Avoiding overgrazing so as not to damage the ground.

We promote the development of bees to improve the pollination of our area. Also obtaining products from the hive to take care of the health of the community.

We make organic homemade natural cosmetics

Humanure: we compose our waste in dry composting toilets for the fertilization of trees.

We purify all the residual water of our houses through two large rafts with aquatic plants, which purify the water to be able to irrigate our crops with fertilized water.

We organize annual reforestation with volunteers. Thanks to the support of the community, neighbors and friends of all ages. We work mainly with autochthonous plant subsidized by the Menut forest nursery, in Escorca.

We learn to plant and care for trees, while creating social fabric.

We work with volunteers through the Wooffer network, workaway and others. We are open to receive visitors. If you want to receive information or contact us you can do so through the following email: