Erosion & Hydrological Restoration

Guidelines for watershed restoration.Watershed Restoration is a blend of art and science.

Land restoration and erosion control techniques are various, the principles rest simple, slow spread and sink the rain water in to the watershed in a pasive and equitative way.

If you need consultation, support and facilitation process on your ecosystem challenge. Consult us today. We are specialized in different climatic  and socieconomic conditions.

The forest hydrological restoration comprises the set of actions necessary for the conservation, defense and recovery of soil stability and fertility, regulation of runoff, consolidation of riverbeds and slopes, sediment containment and, in general, soil defense Against erosion.

With the implementation of these actions (reforestation, silvicultural treatments of defense and improvement of vegetation cover and torrential correction hydrotechnics), there are significant additional synergistic effects such as the fight against climate change (by increasing carbon sinks) , Defense against desertification, droughts and floods, conservation and restoration of forest biodiversity, enrichment of the landscape or employment of a large percentage of rural labor, both in the direct implementation of activities and those Can be developed by the environmental improvement achieved (leisure, rural tourism).

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