Learn Syntropic agroforestry for Dryland

Syntropic Agroforestry
for Drylands

New Opportunity !

  3 days Syntropic Agroforestry Workshop.

 Adapted to Desertification and Drylands!

 With permaculture and regenerative agroforestry.

 Unique Technique developped and countered over 1 decade
only available here!

Syntropic approach from Ernst Götsch to create and push forward resilient landscapes, food forest and veggie gardens

You will learn

José Ansoleaga Ayala is specialized in ecosystem restoration and adapting to desertification. Since 2010, with his family and friends, he has slowly stewardshiped a semiarid degraded land into a resilient homestead.

Now, he focus on Holistic Water Management, Syntropic Permaculture and Regenerative Deep Ecology. He has a unique way to  combine art, science, engineering and design. Living spaces !

Miguel Ángel Llorente Medina is specialized in regenerative farming customized machinery, homemade fermented fertilizers, agroforestry mediterranean systems and probiotic food. 

He has developed a unique way of fermenting bitter acorn, prickly pear and other wild plants transforming them into delicious and nutritious food. Living drinks-living food-living life!

Miguel Ángel Llorente Medina and Jose Ansoleaga Ayala are both direct students of Ernst Göstch. They are involved in several projects where Dry Mediterranean Succesional Agroforesting Approach is held.

They also have been involved in the Mediterranean Analog Forestry studies for adapting AF to drylands from 2017 to 2018 with FIRE-Fundación Internacional de Restauración de Ecosistemas project promoted by the EEC, Fundación Biodiversidad and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Ecological Transition of Spain.

Common mentors  are: Ernst Götsch the founder of the Syntropic Agroforestry. Julio Cantos and Milo Benkings who introduced them to Analog Forestry and Forest Gardening. Darren Doherty, Ana Digón and Jesus Ruiz with Regenerative Agriculture, Voisin Rational Grazing, and keylining; to Bill Mollinson and Geoff Lawton with permaculture, food forests and earthworks.

Since 2012, they have been researching and implementing different agroforestry systems in semi-arid conditions, seeking to create productive and drought tolerant living systems


29th, 30th of November

and 1st December 2019


Son Castell, S’arracó, Mallorca, Spain

Son Castell is located in the wonderful and magical S’Arracó area, west coast of Mallorca, at the feet of Serra de Tramuntana. Seven years ago the new generation took the great challenge of re-giving life to Son Castell. Restoring the ecosystem using symbiotic relationships between animals, plants, soil and humans, creating a space full of life for future generations. 



 60€/night – Indivudual flat with all comfort in s’Arracó village (~ 1 km from Son Castell).

40€/night – Shared flat with all comfort in s’Arracó village (~ 1 km from Son Castell). 

20€/night – Shared room in Son Castell’s house (shared bathroom), only 3 available.

5€/night – Camping in Son Castell’s land: You can bring your own tent or bus/camper-van (shared bathroom available, no hot water) –  Please note that at this time of year, the nights are fresh and sometimes wet.


Included 3 meals per day.

Tea-breaks with bisuits and hot drinks.

The food is always fresh, healthy and diverse.

Vegetarians and special menus available.


You will receive

Plus some extras

All for only

Today just for you



Bank Transfer

100 euros deposit.

 Remainder will be paid upon your arrival to the course. (cash or bank transfer).

If you have any request on

– accomodation, feel free to give a call to Mario: +34 634 43 11 65

– workshop specifics, feel free to give a call to Jose: +34 645 66 31 41

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“Jose Ansoleaga is a great professional in permaculture and in agroforestry. His methodology is first and foremost human: he really listens to customers, creates a special atmosphere and many personal attentions before applying a very round technique. Excellent results on our farm after its design”
Ludovic F.
“Vision, design and personalized stewardship.
We appreciate your professional and emotional support in our Agroforestry project”
Irene and Mario
"I am very satisfied with everything we did, specially with the chosen vegetative community also the design, and the ruminant protein rims, the choice of the varieties. An exuberant result, an explosion of life without irrigation.”
“Jose created a project to our measure, demonstrating his know-how both theoretical and practical”

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