Water resources – grey water

Greywater systems

Grey water can be treated and recycled in situ, in a healthy way.

The reuse of this water is the practice of running water to areas of primary roots and the area of perennial plants to help grow beautiful and productive landscapes.

We treat wastewater from showers, washing machines and sinks without using energy or chemicals, we also use air conditioner and reverse osmosis backflow to irrigate plants.

Plants, bacteria and soil organisms consume and filter organic nutrients  in the water . Treating them naturally and returning clean water to the water cycle. Greywater  harvesting is an excellent way to reduce the use of potable water and implementing sustainable water use hierarchy.

Where in the first order rainwater should be the main source of water.In second order we should used greywater  and in the third order the municipal or well water, this last choice should be used strictly as  an additional source, used only in times of need.
Each systems is design to fit the features of the site.
Contact us in order to have a grey water system at your place.

Grey water systems

Grey water systems

reusage of the outdoors grey water.

Leaching chamber for a shower’s greywater


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