Water management – Rainwater Harvesting

Boomerang basin network – Connecting spill outs – A fine art, periodical reassessment

Our water strategies nourish  wind barriers , living shade elements and oasis- edible landscaping.

In order to do that under a mediterranean arid climate, we use and store water in different ways.

Water Resourses
Our main  target is to use the soil to capture the rainwater.  We shape the landscape in order to collect rainwater then we mulch the surface so we reduce evapotranspiration. Then the plants and trees will become your living pumps.

All impermeable areas (parking lots, concrete roads, dirt roads) will harvest runoff that you can also infiltrate in the soil.

Another rainwater harvesting strategy is collecting rainwater from a roof and storing it into a tank, or a cistern.

And another great option is use your wastewater, also known as greywater, from household drains, including showers, bathtubs, bathroom sinks and washing machines. (Other drains — such as the toilet, kitchen sink and dishwasher — are high in organic mater, such as food or bacteria, and they need a more complex systems installation.)

Household wastewater is “an excellent source of water that we can reuse to passively irrigate our landscapes in times of no rain”.

From 30 percent to 50 percent of potable water consumed by the average single-family home is used for landscaping. But nearly all of the irrigation water needs can be met just with rainwater and greywater systems.


The quality of rain water
Rainwater is one of the purest water on planet Earth. It has been harvested and stored for millenia throughout the world. Here in Mallorca, and around the Mediterranean, we admit that we live in a climate where it rains little, thus forced to pump table water or to buy bottled water of dubious quality.
How much can we store
However, even in the driest place of Mallorca, we have average annual rainfall of 450mm, which means that if, for example, we have 100 sq m roof or impermeable surface, and if we installed an efficient water collection and mineralization system, we will have recollected 45,000 liters of fresh water fall from the sky; without the excesses of lime and magnesium typical from tap water. Well protected from the sun rays and organic matter, rain water  can be stored for unlimited time.

If you feel you’ve had enough of plastic bottles in your house in Mallorca, consider hiring the services of Permallorca as your team of designers in human ecosystems.


The quality of rain water
For the same reason we explained in the quality of drinking water, the land that has been irrigated by pumped water from the aquifer its charged with  the same excesses of minerals (carbonates , sulfites…), which will increase our PH.

Rainwater is a special water is much more than distilled water, plants and organisms rejuvenate every time it rains. The ideal is to irrigate mostly with rainwater, thus  harvesting water from all existing impervious surfaces (roofs, walls, sidewalks …) channel into a reservoir or infiltrate it in to your soil.

How much can we store
We can store as much as we can, the quantity of mulched areas  and  the porosity of our soils will determine our capacity of soil storage. In drylands, it is a challenge to do it in broad acre, we will use keyline tilling and big swales, then we will use time-staking,  ecosystemic processes and a specific strategy.


You want a system that is efficient and designed specifically for your site conditions and landscape.  This means separate zones on slopes and separate zones for front and backyard exposures.  Drip irrigation is necessary for all newly-planted shrubs and trees, providing supplemental water during periods of drought.
Permallorca© knows how to design and install irrigation the right way.
Your Hydrozonation system is one of the most important features of your landscape.

Most irrigation components are underground and not accessible, so it’s important to have a reliable system installed by experienced professionals.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation regarding rain water harvesting and efficient irrigation for your property.This is one schema, the are others

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