About me

Jose Ansoleaga Ayala, is a Professional Holistic Landscape Designer. Degree in Geography, UAM, Madrid. He continued his studies in France, Italy and Norway around natural hazard prevention, agroforestry and watershed restoration.

Since 2010, he offers Consultancy, Design and Stewardship in Drylands Ecosystem & Water Cycle Management, accompanying  regionally-appropriate regenerative designs for both public and private clients.

He also shares projects with several international NGO on ecosystem restoration (FIRE, RIFA & ERC). Investigating resilience and ecosocial adaptation to desertification. Developing and unifying models of agrosilvopastoral management for ecological production and land restoration.

Permallorca focuses on the unique opportunities and environmental considerations associated with each project.
We will find a brilliant match for your ecosystemic challenge. 
Contact number: +34  645 66 31 41
 E-mail : joseansoleaga(@)
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