Regenerative Agroforestry

Mediterranean ecological succession systems.

Regenerative Agroforestry: it is an adaptation of Ecological Agroforestry, uniting knowledge of Analog Forestry and Regenerative Agriculture. Knowing the ecosystem succession for each edaphoclimatic condition, we have the possibility to restore degraded ecosystems restoring not only the environmental value but also rehabilitating the socioeconomic fabric of the place or region. We accompany our projects with the best professionals in human ecology facilitating the process of self-governance, empowering people and granting food sovereignty.

The different agroforestry systems provide ecosystem approaches for each type of land use. In the implementation of the regenerative system we add an array of atmospheric Nitrogen fixing flora adapted to the degree of rusticity of the place, compacting the space time in the process of ecological succession. And finally, if the project allows, we add key species of the regional biome in specific places to generate autochthonous hydro-ecological corridors.

Permallorca specializes in Regenerative Agroforestry in the Mediterranean and in desertified environments, also comprising competitions in tropical and temperate climatic regions.

We are involved with the internationally renowned project Ecosystem Restoration  Camps in the altiplano of Murcia, designing a regenerative agrosystem for the highly degraded watershed.

If you need consultation, support and facilitation process on your ecosystem challenge. Consult us today. We are specialized in different climatic  and socieconomic conditions.