Building Soil Fertility

It’s a fundamental axiom of organic gardening and farming, and once you understand what “feeding the soil” means to building fertile soil, you’ll also understand why organic methods, and no-till techniques in particular, work so well.

Even though you can’t see most of it, a complex soil food web lives in your garden; it’s teeming with earthworms, mites, bacteria, fungi — all kinds of mostly microscopic, interdependent organisms that release mineral nutrients and create the loose soil structure crops need to thrive. Beneficial mycorrhizal fungi grow in and around plant roots, mining subsoil for nutrients and water to share with your crops. Other microorganisms prevent diseases and help plants withstand insect attacks and the interactions are boundless…

We use different techniques to improve the fertility of your soils.

We mainly implement nitrogen fixing fast growing plants to help your soil to improve capillarity, absorption, water retention, mineral equilibrium… specific plants, shrubs and trees that are adapted to the dry mediterranean climate. Let us know if you feel like understanding a little more about this subject and implement an ecosystem of this kind that will improve the fertility of your soil. Contact us


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